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Why Do I Need A Notary?

A notary acts as an impartial witness. A notary public exists primarily to protect the public by helping reduce and eliminate fraud. CA notaries are governed by the state of CA and a CA notary's guarantee to the public is that all identification and procedural requirements have been met when a document is signed before that notary public. A notary acknowledges, or obtains an oath from, the signer; acknowledges the signing; verifies the document signer with official identification; and confirms completeness of the document being signed.

Will Angel Wings Travel To Me?

Absolutely! We will visit your home, office, work sites, courthouses, banks, convalescent/nursing homes, hospitals, correctional facilities - anywhere you need us in California. Contact Angel Wings today for an appointment or consultation.

What Type Of Identification is Required To Notarize A Document?

A form of identification, that is current (or in isolated cases if issued within 5 years), that contains a photograph of the signer, physical description of the signer, the signature of the signer, and an identifying number of the issuing governmental agency. This includes, CA DMV Driver's License, CA DMV Identification Card, US Passport/US Passport Card, US Armed Forces ID Card, a CA Local/City/County/State Employee ID Card, and/or Federally Recognized Tribal Government ID Card. Please contact Angel Wings for the complete list.

What Will Angel Wings Verify?

A notary can act as an impartial witness. A notary can confirm that an individual has been identified using official, valid and satisfactory identification. A notary can witness, and verify documents, like insurance releases and DMV documents, that allow an option to be witnessed vs. notarized. CA notaries do not certify or notarize birth certificates, marriage records, and/or death certificates. These are handled in the County Recorder/Vital Statistics Office.

May I Bring Some One To Translate For Me?

Unfortunately, no. A notary in CA must be able to communicate directly with the signer in the notary's native language. Translators and interpreters are not allowed. If the signer cannot write (sign) his or her name, that person may sign by mark ( an "x" or any other legible symbol). If the signer is unable to speak, as long as they can communicate in writing with the notary in the notary's native language, this will suffice as well. Contact Angel Wings with any communication concerns.

Can You Notarize My Signature Remotely/Virtually?

A CA notary can only sign in CA; a CA notary would need to confirm the location of the signer. A CA notarial act still requires a thumbprint (or another finger print if the thumbprint is not feasible) along with the signature of the signer in the notary journal. The state of CA still requires signings that are notarized to be done in the physical presence of a CA notary. There are some states that can conduct notarial acts remotely/virtually currently. CA may be moving that direction in the future with certain verifications.

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